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9.8.2. Locks of doors


Door lock of the Trooper/Bighorn car

1 – overlay of the internal handle
2 – button frame
3 – the lock with the electric drive
4 – external handle
5 – larva
6 – lock
7 – internal handle
8 – handle

Installation of a larva

1 – door

2 – larva

3 – bracket

Arrangement of collars on draft of the drive of the internal handle


Removal and installation

1. Remove the door panel (see subsection 9.8.1), carefully get the water filter.
2. Disconnect brackets of draft of the door handle.
3. Disconnect and remove drafts of the drive of the lock of a door, having paid attention to their initial installation.
4. Unscrew outside screws of fastening of the lock and remove the lock.
5. Get a lock ring and take the lock cylinder (larva).
6. Remove the external door handle for what turn off two bolts from within.
7. Remove the internal door handle for what unscrew screws of fastening of the handle. On a part of cars of the handle fasten rivets. Drill rivets, having picked up a drill for diameter.
8. If doors are equipped with locks with the electric drive, then disconnect the socket of wires, unscrew screws and remove the lock assembled.
9. Before installation grease details.
10. Establish details upside-down.
11. Adjust distance of L so that the gap of L' at the locked position of the lock was absent.
12. Adjust position of draft of the drive of the lock from the internal handle so that the handle was parallel to the door panel.
13. Establish a larva in the correct situation (at the left – top, on the right – a bottom).
14. If draft with an adjustable length is provided in the mechanism of the drive of the lock, then adjust draft so that in the provision of locking the free wheeling of draft was absent.
15. Tighten screws (are specified by shooters) fastenings of the lock and the external door handle with m 10 N.' moment.