Isuzu Trooper>> Body>> Cowl

9.2. Cowl


Cowl of the Amigo/MU/Trooper car

1 – loops of a cowl and bolts of fastening
2 – cowl
3 – headlight
4 – decorative lattice
5 – front bumper
6 – index of turns
7 – wheel niche
8 – cowl prop
9 – forward wing

Cowl of the Trooper/Bighorn car

1 – decorative lattice
2 – cowl
3 – cowl lock
4 – clamp assembled
5 – cowl lock drive cable
6 – front bumper
7 – forward wing


1. Put adjusting tags of loops of a cowl.
2. Disconnect the socket of a wire of the lighting lamp of a motor compartment (if it is provided).
3. Disconnect a rack or a prop of a cowl, having turned off bolts of a rack or having removed a prop.
4. Turn off bolts of loops and remove a cowl.


1. Establish a cowl and combine the tags put when dismantling.
2. Wrap bolts of fastening of loops, tighten bolts a little. Not to tighten bolts.
3. Close a cowl and check correctness of installation. Not to slam a cowl as after removal adjustment is required.
4. Open a cowl and adjust so that the cowl was aflush with a surface of a body and the gap in an aperture was identical on perimeter. It can be necessary for adjustment to lay laying.
5. After adjustment tighten bolts with m 22–30 N.' moment