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9. Body

9.1. Doors


Door loops on the Amigo/MU/Jazz car

1 – top door loop

2 – lower door loop

Door of the Rodeo/Passport car

1 – socket of wires

2 – limiter of opening of a door

3 – bolts of door loops

4 – door


Before removal or adjustment of a door lower glass.


1. If the door is equipped with a window regulator or the built-in loudspeakers, then it is necessary to remove the internal panel and to disconnect wires.
2. Completely open a door, prop up a jack through rags or wooden whetstone (it is desirable to work with the assistant).
3. To disconnect a lock clamp.
4. Beat out the door limiter. Substitute wooden whetstone under the limiter not to bend at knocking-out.
5. Turn off bolts of fastening of door loops from a door.
6. Carefully remove a door from loops.


1. Grease loops, bolts of loops, carving openings and the limiter with jellied lubricant.
2. You will hang out a door, having rested against a jack, and combine with veils.
3. Wrap bolts from a door, but not to the full. In the course of installation of a door not to tighten bolts.
4. Remove a jack and carefully close a door, having checked combination with an aperture, a door not to slam. As a rule, at installation of a door adjustment is required.
5. Open a door, weaken bolts and adjust a door so that approximately identical gap on all perimeter of an aperture turned out. The gap has to be as much as possible.


For adjustment of a door it is possible to release bolts of loops both from a door, and from a body. For adjustment of provision of a clamp of the lock it is possible to enclose plates.

6. After adjustment tighten bolts from a door with m 22–29 N.' moment.
7. Adjust the provision of a clamp of the lock.
8. For this purpose weaken screws and adjust the provision of a clamp easy blows of the plastic hammer. The clamp has to settle down parallel to a lock rotor. Concerning a rotor it can be necessary for exact adjustment of a clamp to establish one-two laying.
9. Tighten clamp bolts with m 12 N.' moment.