Isuzu Trooper>> Brake system>> Hoses of brakes

8.7. Hoses of brakes


Hose of brakes and detail of installation

1 – to the main cylinder

2 – bracket

3 – to a support


1. Lift the car and establish on supports. Remove wheels.
2. Clear the union of hoses of dust and dirt.
3. Disconnect the union of tubes of the highway of a hydraulic actuator of brakes from hoses. At an otvorachivaniye of a tube and arms not to bend. For an otvorachivaniye of unions it is recommended to moisten connection with the getting liquid. Substitute a vessel.
4. Get a bracket from a groove on an arm. Disconnect a hose from an arm.
5. Disconnect a hose from a support.


1. Attach both tips of a hose, establish a bracket and tighten the hose union with m 15 N.' moment.
2. Establish wheels, be convinced that the hose does not touch a wheel or details of a suspension bracket, if necessary weaken the union and correct a hose.
3. Remove air from a hydraulic actuator of brakes.