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8.5. Vacuum amplifier of brakes


Removal of the vakkumny amplifier of brakes

1 – collar of a vacuum hose
2 – vacuum hose
3 – hydraulic actuator tube
4 – returnable spring of a pedal
5 – lock ring
6 – axis of a fork of a rod of the amplifier
7 – amplifier of brakes and main cylinder

Measurement of a vystupaniye of a pusher over the case of the amplifier

Adjustment of a vystupaniye of a pusher


1. Disconnect the battery from weight. Block wheels and put the car on the emergency brake.
2. Disconnect a vacuum hose from the amplifier of brakes.
3. Disconnect and muffle hydraulic actuator tubes on the main cylinder. Spread rags under the main cylinder.
4. In salon to a rasshplintuyta a fork axis also disconnect a fork with a rod from a brake pedal.
5. Turn off nuts of fastening of the amplifier to a partition of a motor compartment and remove the amplifier assembled with the main cylinder.


1. Check the size of a vystupaniye of a pusher of the amplifier over the case plane which has to be within 18,0–18,2 mm.
2. For measurement of a vystupaniye of a pusher it is recommended to use special adaptation.
3. Installation is carried out upside-down. Tighten nuts of the vacuum amplifier with 17 N.' moment of m, the union of tubes – with m 15 N.' moment.
4. Remove air from the main cylinder and a hydraulic actuator of brakes.