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7.3. Back suspension bracket

7.3.1. Springs of a back suspension bracket


Details of a spring of a back suspension bracket

1 – rubber bumper
2 – plug
3 – spring
4 – a spring axis with a washer
5 – nut and washer
6 – rubber plug
7 – rubber plug
8 – earring
9 – plate
10 – nut and washer
11 – nut and washer
12 – plate of fastening of step-ladders
13 – step-ladder and nut
14 – shock-absorber
15 – nut and washer
16 – nut and washer

Removal and installation

1. You will hang out a back part of the car.
2. Remove back shock-absorbers.
3. Remove collars of fastening of a cable of the drive of the emergency brake.
4. Turn off nuts of step-ladders which fix springs to a beam of the back bridge.
5. Substitute props under a beam of the back bridge and unload springs.
6. Turn off nuts of axes of an earring.
7. Blows to a mandrel beat out a back axis of an earring and lower a back part of a spring.
8. Beat out a forward axis of an earring, remove a spring, having displaced back.
9. Get an earring axis from a back arm of a spring and take off an earring.
10. Check a condition of a spring, existence on sheets of cracks or the broken sheets. At detection of breakages or traces of strong fatigue wear replace a spring.
11. Check wear of axes of an earring, curvature of the earring.
12. Check a condition of step-ladders.


1. Install an earring in an arm on the chassis.
2. Combine a forward eye of a collected spring with a forward arm and insert an axis.
3. Combine a back eye of a spring with an earring and insert an earring axis.
4. Screw nuts on axes of springs, establish step-ladders and tighten nuts of step-ladders with m 54 N.' moment.
5. Install shock-absorbers.
6. Establish collars of a cable of the drive of the emergency brake.
7. Remove props from under a beam of the back bridge and lower the car.
8. Tighten nuts of axes of springs with m 176 N.' moment.