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6.3.4. Dismantling of cardan hinges


Details of the cardan hinge

1 – lock ring
2 – needle bearing
3 – epiploon

Formation of bearings of a crosspiece


1. Lift the car, establish on supports and remove the driveshaft.
2. If the forward fork of Cardan is removed, then apply tags of mutual orientation to a flange of the sliding shlitsevy connection and on the driveshaft not to break balancing at assembly. Get the lock rings fixing glasses of bearings of a crosspiece.
3. Removal of a crosspiece requires a press, an insert and a mandrel. Diameter of an insert has to be slightly less opening in a fork to push out the bearing, and diameter of a mandrel has to provide loss of the vypressovanny bearing.
4. Vypressuyte bearing on the one hand forks. If the bearing does not leave completely, then take it flat-nose pliers.
5. Turn a press and a vypressuyta the opposite bearing.
6. Similar to a vypressuyta other bearings.


1. Put fresh lubricant in new bearings, insert a bearing glass into Cardan's fork, establish a crosspiece.

On a part of cars the butterdish of a crosspiece which should be established before assembly of the hinge is provided. After installation check a possibility of access to a butterdish.

2. Press a bearing glass on 6 mm from edge of a fork. If at a press fitting the considerable effort is required or the crosspiece begins to jam in the bearing, then it means existence the tease in the bearing. In this case a crosspiece and the bearing it is necessary to vypressovat and rearrange a bearing glass. Otherwise the bearing will quickly fail.
3. Establish new lock rings.
4. Install an opposite glass of the bearing and press until the lower (pressed) bearing does not rest against a lock ring.
5. Establish a new lock ring. If the ring does not enter a flute, then a proshlifuyta a ring surface.
6. Install other bearings of a crosspiece.
7. Check freedom of rotation of a crosspiece in bearings. When jamming besiege thorns of bearings blows of the plastic hammer. If this measure does not yield result, then disassemble the cardan hinge and check thorns of bearings. It is forbidden to establish a shaft with the jamming crosspiece.