Isuzu Trooper>> Fuel system>> Mechanical fuel pump

5.3. Mechanical fuel pump



Fuel pump and bar of the drive

1 – camshaft

2 – drive bar

3 – pump lever

The fuel pump is mounted in the right part of a motor compartment, directly under the soaking-up collector.


1. Depressurize fuel system.
2. Disconnect the battery from weight.
3. Remove the air filter.
4. Remove the soaking-up collector.
5. Disconnect fuel pipe tubes on the fuel pump and muffle.
6. Turn off bolts of fastening of the fuel pump and remove the pump.


1. Uncover a head of cylinders.
2. Turn a bent shaft and install the piston of the 4th cylinder in compression step VMT.
3. Extend a bar of the drive of the fuel pump towards the camshaft and hold.
4. Establish new laying and the pump, tighten fastening bolts with m 20–34 N.' moment.
5. Attach fuel pipe tubes to the fuel pump.
6. Install the air filter.
7. Connect the battery to weight.
8. Start the engine, be convinced of lack of a leak.


1. Remove the fuel pump.
2. Check a state external survey. At detection of cracks, dribbles and other signs of an abnormal state replace the pump.
3. Check wear of the lever of the drive of the pump and a cam of the camshaft.
4. Check the inlet valve for what press the lever and hold in this situation. Close fingers the outlet of the pump and an opening of the return fuel pipe, release the lever. At return to a starting position, a free wheeling of the lever has to increase. Otherwise replace the pump.
5. Check the final valve of the pump. For what close fingers an inlet opening of the pump. At the closed opening the lever should not move. Great efforts not to apply.
6. Check a pump diaphragm. For what close final and inlet openings of the pump and an opening of the return fuel pipe. At the closed openings the lever should not move. Otherwise replace the pump.