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4.4. System of recirculation


System of recirculation on engines 4ZE1

1 – butterfly valve
2 – recirculation valve
3 – thermal vacuum valve
4 – from an electronic control unit

Valve of recirculation of 6-cylinder engines

1 – recirculation valve

2 – vacuum hoses

3 – solenoid

4 – giving of depression from the soaking-up collector

Provides decrease in temperature in the combustion chamber for the purpose of decrease in content of oxides of nitrogen in exhaust gases. Gases go from the exhaust channel of a head of cylinders to the soaking-up collector via the valve of recirculation (EGR valve). The diaphragm of the valve of recirculation is connected to the channel in a carburetor flange via the thermal vacuum valve. In process of opening of a butterfly valve the diaphragm of the valve opens, providing intake of exhaust gases in the soaking-up collector.