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4.2. System of ventilation of a case


System of ventilation of a case of the diesel C223 with a turbo-supercharging

1 – distributor of gases of system
ventilation assembled
2 – valve of system of ventilation
3 – drainage oil hose
4 – control valve
5 – oil pallet
6 – the soaking-up collector
7 – turbocompressor
8 – ventilation hose
9 – the soaking-up pipe
10 – from the air filter
11 – intra crankcase gases
12 – fresh air
13 – oil


In carburetor engines intra crankcase gases are burned up in the engine combustion chamber due to redirection of a stream in the soaking-up collector. Feature of system on carburetor 4-cylinder engines is use of the drosseliruyushchy jet screwed in the soaking-up collector. At widely opened butterfly valve a part of intra crankcase gases comes to the air filter through a back part of a cover of the gas-distributing mechanism.

On 6-cylinder engines and on 4-cylinder engines with system of injection of fuel the valve of ventilation of a case which operates a stream depending on extent of depression in the soaking-up collector is used. At high depression the valve limits a stream in the soaking-up collector. A part of gases is redirected through a ventilating tube of a case to the air filter and to the combustion chamber.


The system of ventilation of the closed type provides the direction of a stream of intra crankcase gases in the combustion chamber via the valve and the air filter.

The control valve is in addition provided in system. At big turns of the engine the diaphragm of the valve is closed and gases go directly to the soaking-up collector. At small turns the diaphragm of the valve is open and a part of gases goes back to a case.

Care of system consists in periodic check of a condition of the valve of ventilation and a condition of hoses.