Isuzu Trooper - Isuzu Trooper
1. Maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance
3. Engines
   3.1. Specifications of the engine and adjusting works
   3.2. Electric equipment and capital repairs of engines
      3.2.1. Electric equipment of engines
      3.2.2. Capital repairs of engines Technical characteristics Instructions on service and repair of the engine Dismantle and installation of the power unit Cover of a head of cylinders Yokes and rollers of yokes Thermostat The soaking-up collector Final collector Turbocompressor
   Useful tips Conditioner Radiator The cooling system fan with the drive from the electric motor Pump of cooling liquid Head of cylinders Valves and springs Pushers Oil pallet Oil pump Epiploon of a forward cover of a gear belt Chain of the drive of the camshaft and asterisk of the drive Forward cover of a gear belt Epiploon of a bent shaft Gear belt and natyazhitel Gear belt and mechanism of a tension Drive of the gas-distributing mechanism petrol engines Drive of the gas-distributing mechanism diesel engines Camshaft Camshaft bearings Pistons and rods Conrod bearings Assembly of conrod and piston group and installation on the engine Caps and heater of a case of the engine Back epiploon of a bent shaft Bent shaft and radical bearings Flywheel and gear wreath
   3.3. Diesel engine 2,8 liters
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and running gear
7. Suspension bracket and steering
8. Brake system
9. Body
10. Body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electrical circuitries

Isuzu Trooper>> Engines>> Electric equipment and capital repairs of engines>> Capital repairs of engines>> Turbocompressor Turbocompressor


1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. Remove the air filter and an air duct.
3. Disconnect inlet and final hoses from a turbocompressor.
4. Disconnect an oil supply tube from a turbocompressor.
5. Turn off nuts of fastening of a turbocompressor to a final collector and to an exhaust pipe, remove a turbocompressor.
6. Remove the consolidation remains on the demountable plane of a turbocompressor, fill a turbocompressor with fresh oil.


1. Establish a turbocompressor on a final collector, previously having replaced laying, tighten nuts with m 21–33 N.' moment. Establish and fix an exhaust pipe (the moment of an inhaling of 21-33 N. of m) on a turbocompressor.
2. Attach to an oil supply tube turbocompressor.
3. Attach inlet and final hoses to a turbocompressor.
4. Install the air filter and an air duct.
5. Connect the battery to weight.