Isuzu Trooper - Isuzu Trooper
1. Maintenance instruction
2. Maintenance
3. Engines
   3.1. Specifications of the engine and adjusting works
   3.2. Electric equipment and capital repairs of engines
      3.2.1. Electric equipment of engines Ignition coil Ignition block The induction sensor of ignition for V6 engines Ignition distributor System of a charge of the battery System of launch of the engine
   Rechargeable battery
   Traction relay of a starter
   A starter without reducer
   A starter with a reducer
      3.2.2. Capital repairs of engines
   3.3. Diesel engine 2,8 liters
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and running gear
7. Suspension bracket and steering
8. Brake system
9. Body
10. Body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electrical circuitries

Isuzu Trooper>> Engines>> Electric equipment and capital repairs of engines>> Electric equipment of engines>> System of launch of the engine>> Starter with a reducer A starter with a reducer


Starter device details with a reducer

1 – excitement winding conclusion
2 – coupling bolt
3 – a starter assembled with windings of excitement and the case
4 – back cover of the case
5 – brush holder
6 – anchor
7 – forward cover
8 – gear coupling
9 – returnable spring
10 – ball
11 – intermediate gear wheel
12 – persistent bearing

Dismantling and assembly

1. Clamp a starter in a vice with soft sponges. Turn off a nut and disconnect the plug of a winding of excitement of a starter from a conclusion of the traction relay.
2. Turn off coupling bolts and get the case with windings of excitement and an anchor from the traction relay.
3. Turn off bolts of fastening of a forward cover of a starter to the case of the traction relay and remove the case. Remove a reducer gear wheel, persistent bearings and the conducted gear coupling assembled.
4. By means of the magnetized tool get a spring with a ball from an opening in the gear coupling. Remove a back cover of the case of a starter.
5. Raise the screw-driver of a spring of brushes, get brushes from the brush holder and get the brush holder from the case with excitement windings.
6. Get an anchor from the case with windings. Check isolation resistance between a collector and the core of an anchor. If there is a short circuit of a collector on the core, then replace an anchor.
7. Check integrity of a chain between collector plugs. If there is a gap between at least two plugs, then replace an anchor.
8. If the collector is polluted, on plugs there are podgoraniye traces or if the beating exceeds 0,05 mm, then the collector's proshlifuyta on the lathe. Extreme diameter of a collector is 29,0 mm.
9. Check integrity of a chain between excitement winding conclusions (the tire leaving a framework and a brush conclusion). If in a chain there is a gap, then replace a framework with windings.
10. Check a chain between a framework and windings. At short circuit replace a framework with windings.
11. Replace brushes if their height less than 10 mm.
12. Check a condition of teeths of a gear wheel. In the presence of strong damages of a gear wheel replace. Check freedom of rotation of the coupling assembled with a gear wheel, having turned it clockwise. The gear wheel should not rotate counterclockwise. Otherwise assembled with a gear wheel replace the coupling.
13. Press on the bearing and check freedom of rotation. If the strong resistance to rotation is noted, then replace the bearing.
14. Check a chain between the mass and isolated conclusions, then between a mass conclusion and the case. If the gap is found, then assembled replace the traction relay.
15. Grease gear wheels, shaft and bearings with high-temperature lubricant.
16. Install the gear coupling, a gear wheel and persistent bearings in the case.
17. Establish a spring, a ball, collect the traction relay with a forward cover.
18. Install brushes in the brush holder, be convinced that conclusions of positive brushes do not concern the case.
19. Establish a back cover.
20. Install the case with excitement windings on the traction relay, having combined a ledge on the case with a groove on the traction relay.
21. Further assembly is carried out upside-down.