Isuzu Trooper - Isuzu Trooper
1. Maintenance instruction
   1.1. Introduction
   1.2. Dashboard
   1.3. Ignition lock
   1.4. The combined switch
   1.5. Alarm light system
   1.6. Dashboard switches
   1.7. Cruise control
   1.8. Devices and control lamps
   1.9. Control levers
   1.10. Windows and window regulators
   1.11. Illumination of salon
   1.12. Electric digital watch
   1.13. Governing bodies of heating and fan or conditioner
   1.14. Driving
   1.15. Production of air from fuel system
   1.16. Depletion of a water separator
   1.17. Regular checks
   1.18. Service of the air filter
   1.19. Replacement of engine oil
   1.20. Block of safety locks
   1.21. Technical characteristics
2. Maintenance
3. Engines
4. System of decrease in toxicity
5. Fuel system
6. Transmission and running gear
7. Suspension bracket and steering
8. Brake system
9. Body
10. Body electric equipment
11. Diagnostics of malfunctions
12. Electrical circuitries

Isuzu Trooper>> Maintenance instruction>> Devices and control lamps

1.8. Devices and control lamps



1 – indicator of temperature of cooling liquid
2 – fuel reserve indicator
3 – (tachometer) speedometer
4 – the counter of the passable way
5 – daily counter of a way
6 – oil monometer
7 – fuel reserve indicator
8 – indicator of ambient temperature
9 – tachometer

Control lamps

Index of turn
Alarm light system
Fuel reserve
Driving beam
Control lamp of the four-wheel drive
Oil pressure
Emergency brake and brake fluid. There is no strengthening of the brake drive
Fuel filter
Device of a preliminary warming up
Alarm lamp of a gear belt
Control lamp of a condition of system of injection of fuel
Alarm lamp of temperature of oil: automatic transfer case


Shows the speed of the movement in kilometers per hour (km/h) or in miles/hour.

The counter of the passable way

Registers total of the passable kilometers.

The figure extreme on the right shows a run in 100 meters.

The daily counter of a way with the dumping button

The dumping button for the counter of a daily way, is on the right below on the speedometer panel.

Indicator of temperature of cooling liquid

Temperature indicator at the included ignition shows temperature of cooling liquid.

If the arrow during the movement is in the middle of a big field, it indicates normal working temperature.

If the device shows an overheat, stop the car and let's the engine work idling until temperature of cooling liquid falls to normal parameters.

Fuel reserve indicator

At the included ignition the indicator shows amount of fuel in a tank.

"F" – full

"Е" – empty

Oil manometer

At the working engine the manometer shows oil pressure in system of circulation.

If the arrow does not deviate or deviates unevenly, immediately kill the engine and check oil level.

If level normal, check the engine lubrication system at the closest expert.


The tachometer shows the frequency of rotation of the engine in revolutions per minute.

The red zone means dangerously high frequency of rotation.

Control lamps of indexes of turn

At the included index of turn of a lamp flicker, showing action of the direction of turn.

Control bulb of inclusion of system of the alarm light system

At the switched-on alarm light system the lamp flickers, designating operation of the alarm system.

Control bulb of a reserve of fuel

The control bulb lights up at the fuel reserve rest about 7 liters.


The precautionary alarm system of fuel lights up at inclusion of ignition.

Control bulb of driving beam

When this bulb lights up, she specifies that driving beam is turned on.

Control bulb of the four-wheel drive

This control bulb specifies that the lever of the transfer case is in situation 4H or 4L.

Control bulb of a charge of the battery

The control bulb shines at the included ignition and dies away after start of the engine.

If it shines during the movement, address the expert.

Control bulb of pressure of oil

The control bulb shines at the included ignition and dies away at start of the engine.

If it flashes during the movement, oil pressure very low.

Immediately kill the engine and check oil level.

If it normal, check the lubrication system in the next to customer service.

The engine should not work at the included control bulb at all.

Control bulb of the emergency brake

At the included ignition this control bulb shines if tighten the emergency brake.

It does not show brake action.

Control bulb of level of brake fluid

If this control bulb burns at the included ignition and the lowered emergency brake, then the level of brake fluid is lower than ordered.

If it is lit during the movement, it is necessary to stop and check the level of brake fluid immediately.

If it very low, immediately contact a workshop.

Control bulb of the vacuum amplifier of brakes

If this control bulb lights up, then reserve availability of liquid went down to a critical point or the line of the amplifier of the brake drive is faulty.

To achieve sufficient braking in this situation, big pressure force on a pedal is necessary.

Repeated turning on of the working brake system can cause short-term pressure drop that cannot be regarded as malfunction.

Control bulb of the fuel filter

When the water which accumulated in a water separator reaches too high level, this control bulb lights up.

If it lights up at the working engine and does not die away, then it is necessary to merge water from a water separator.

Control bulb of a bystry warming up

This control bulb can burn short time or at once go out.

Action depends on temperature of the engine and cooling liquid.

If glow plugs were warmed enough for launch of the cold engine, the control bulb dies away, and it is possible to start the engine.

Control bulb of a gear belt

The control bulb lights up at inclusion of ignition and dies away when the engine is started.

If the control bulb lights up in operating time, it is necessary to replace a gear belt.

It is necessary to change a gear belt each 75 000 km.

If to continue the movement at the flashing control bulb, it is possible to damage the engine.

Replace a belt as soon as possible.

Control bulb of system of injection with electronic control

The control bulb lights up when the ignition key is given to the provision of "ON".

If the signal lights up during the movement, it means malfunction in electronic system of injection.

It is necessary to address the expert and to eliminate malfunction.

Control bulb of temperature of oil of automatic and distributing transmissions

This signal reports about too high temperature of oil in both transmissions.

If the signal lights up during the movement, it is necessary to dump speed and to stop the car in the suitable place.

To switch the lever on "Р" and to allow the engine to work idling until the signal goes out.

When the signal went out, it is possible to continue the movement.

If the signal does not die away, it is necessary to check the automatic transmission lubrication system at the expert.

If at great speed with full the drive (4H) this signal lights up, it is necessary to switch on 2H and to transfer naves of a free wheeling to the provision of "FREE".